Creative Superpowers


Get ready for the Age of Creativity

In bookshops 28th June 2018

We are on the verge of an Age of Creativity that will require a new set of superheroes to build better businesses and cultures across all industries. An age when the most important skill in business will be creativity.

Creative Superpowers is a collection of essays edited by Creative Superheroes Laura Jordan Bambach, Daniele Fiandaca, Scott Morrison and Mark Earls.  The essays tackle and unpack four primary superpowers empowering you to develop your skills and emerge as a newly fledged Creative Superhero:

Hacking - overcoming the limitations of systems to achieve novel and creative solutions

Making - the experimentation, practical knowledge and happy accidents that breathe life into an idea

Teaching - finding ways to consolidate experience for yourself and others in a fast-paced world

Thieving - making use of what already exists to solve your problems