If you are a business that wants to get ahead in this new Age of Creativity, there are two ways that we can help your team equip themselves with the Creative Superpowers of Making, Hacking, Teaching and Thieving:

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We offer half day or full day workshops in which we bring to life the four Creative superpowers of Maker, Hacker, Teacher and Thief.

Based on the premise of learning by doing (which is at the heart of Teacher), expect your team to come away equipped with new tools to unlock their creativity and practical skills on how to solve problems and come up with better ideas.

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Hacker, Makers, Teachers and Thieves. Storytelling maestros, food experimentalists, behavioural experts, hate mailers, diversity champions, and fashion technology pioneers.

Just a taste of the wonderful spectrum of thought leaders we have within the Creative Superhero ranks. All our speakers are extremely well experienced in delivering inspirational talks to a variety of audiences around the world. If you are searching for an unforgettable speaker session for your event then look no further. 

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Creativity only truly thrives with diverse teams.

In this one and a half hour workshop, we set up the challenges businesses face in relation to inclusion and diversity and use the power of hacking to inspire your team to become culture hackers. They will come up with their own hacks to help your business become a place that promotes inclusion and diversity and learn how small changes can lead to a culture in which everyone thrives equally.