We gave the first draft of the book to some really smart creative people from around the world. It seems they liked it a lot (which was nice). Below are some of their amazing reviews (thanks).

A must-read. This wonderful book gives you access to and makes you feel part of a world of powerful creativity and leaves you fizzing with ideas and thoughts.
— Lisa Thomas, Chief Brand Officer, Virgin
A delightful compendium of wonderful, useful and progressive thoughts and ideas … An easily digestible, compelling and fresh take on how to approach change and achieve it.
— Tom Goodwin, EVP, Head of Innovation, Zenith USA
Creativity is what has made us the dominant species on this planet. For those already working creatively, this books is a support system; for those yet to understand the importance of creativity, it’s a wake-up call.
— Fernanda Romano, Founder Strategy and Creative Partner, Malagueta Group
We’re living in a crazy world. The best way to survive is to try some crazy things. This book is the best framework I have read to do that.
— James Cooper, Head of Creative, betaworks
This book enlightens everyone on the superpowers they may not know they have, and lets them know how great they can be when they unlock them.
— Shannie Mears, Chief Talent Officer, The Elephant Room
This book illustrates the critical importance of creativity and the value it brings to humanity both locally and globally … creativity lies in everything, it’s all about the perspective and being open to learning - and just by reading this book, we learn there is no such word as can’t.
— Juliette Larthe, Partner & Executive Producer, PRETTYBIRD
There is much to like about this book. Much to make of it. Much to learn from it. Much to steal from it. Ultimately, it’s magic.
— Patrick Collister, Founder, Creative Matters
Takes the scariness out of creativity and explains in a simple and clear way the fundamentals of creativity, better tools and new ways to get there. A fun read.
— Susan Hoffman, co-chief creative officer, Wieden+Kennedy
You need to read this book. It’s seriously smart. A roadmap into the wonderful unknown; a bible for the enlightened; a cheat sheet for those of us who frequently get stuck. Go for a walk. Sit down. Run. Learn, unlearn and relearn. Make Hack. Steal. Teach will become your mantras.
You will not fear the future or that blank sheet of paper. You will laugh more, sleep better and dream big. This book has powers all of its own.
— Vicki Maguire & Caroline Pay, Co CCOs, Grey London
An inspiring mix of stories from myriad beautiful minds and places. The charmingly simple construct and super practical guides will get you ready for the future in no time. The robots won’t know what’s hit them
— James Sowden, Managing Partner & Head of Strategy, BBH Singapore
Guaranteed to fire your imagination … succinct, direct and extremely engaging. If you want to be relevant in the future, you can’t afford not to read this.
— Timothy Walker, Chief Executive and Artistic Director, London Philharmonic Orchestra