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A Maker is an experimenter, a culture maker and someone who who understands that is in the process of making that happy accidents can help breathe life into an idea. The Makers featured in our book tackle:

  • What Makes for Great Making? by Morihiro Harano
  • Maker Culture in South Africa, by Kerry Friend
  • Shared Noises, by Lucas Abela, Musician
  • How Making Maketh the Creative, by Lizi Hamer


A Hacker is someone who is always looking for ways to make things better and can find ways to overcome the limitations of systems to achieve novel and creative solutions. The Hackers featured in the book tackle:

  • Using Hacking to Build Better Business, by Annicken R. Day
  • Have You Had Your Brain Hacked Recently? by Hugh Garry
  • How Hacking Helped Build One of the World’s Largest Economies, by Ravi Deshpande
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A teacher understands that in such a fast paced world, the first person you need to teach is yourself. The teachers in the book tackle:

  • Doing-by-Learning, by David Erixon
  • Street Wisdom: Answers Are Everywhere, by David Pearl
  • Learning in Reverse, by Nadya Powell


A thief is simply someone who understands the power of making use of what already exists to solve your problems. The thieves in our book tackle:

  • Copy Good, Copy Bad, Copy Smarter? Are Architects Finally Learning to Copy Intelligently After 2,000 Years of Practice? by Alistair Barr
  • Hats and Happiness. Mark Earls interviews Justin Smith Esq
  • Same Same But Different: How Abstraction Is the Key to Creativity, By Faris Yakob with Rosie Yakob
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